Monday, October 24, 2005

Eastern European Fulbright Blogs

It occurs to me that I have not yet listed the URL for Kristen's blog about life in Moscow, so here it is: Moskovskie Melochi I think that Kristen's blog generally speaks for itself, but I will point out (for those of you who don't know her) that she has some amusing photos of Russian items. Look for the "Happy Bearers" carton. Also, as Kristen has experienced Soviet Moscow, she has useful comparisons of past and present.
Jesse has decided to start a Brno Fulbright blog (I gather Alex is considering doing one of her own here too), so here it is:
Nuda v BrnÄ› I gather it will have some mildly bizarre items once it gets more fully underway, like photos of Brno tram stops and who knows what. (These may not sound interesting yet, but I expect they will be entertaining in their own unique way.) Tonight we are avoiding work on our next-year's grant proposals and attending a gamelan concert. What, gamelan in the Czech Republic??? Well, if there was gamelan to be found, Jesse and I were the people who would find it, and we did.
Once I deal with photos from the weekend, I will post some, but that could take a little adjusting of file size. I realize my remarks are slightly incoherent at this point, but over time I hope to present as intelligible a view of life here as can be hoped for by those of you who (yes, you, Betty) would like further explication.

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