Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nezval--No, Wi-Fi and ADSL Internet

I was going to say a bit about Nezval today. But instead, it appears it’s time for an update on my internet situation. Sandra did promptly order high-speed internet for me, and Český Telecom actually did install it pretty quickly (I could tell because the new ADSL modem told me the line was live), but since Český Telecom failed to let me know my user name and password, I could not actually USE the new service. Fortunately, at that point I had just downloaded a new wi-fi driver and was magically (after almost two months) able to use the Národní knihovna connection to do things like work on online grant proposals and upload the blog and examine library catalogs. Well, today while at the library attempting to re-send my advisor various proposal pieces she had requested, the wi-fi promptly went dead. I have no idea whether it went dead for the entire library or whether somehow the library knew I was hogging its bandwidth for the moment. (It went dead on me in the Main Hall. After about half an hour I went to the Reference Room, which then also went dead on me as I typed the email on Mail2Web.) Frustrated, I went home and discovered that Sandra had succeeded in extracting the user name and password from Český Telecom. Hey! Service! But of course now I can’t figure out what the outgoing SMTP is in order to send outgoing email, so for now that will mostly have to go the old, expensive way. I did log onto the email site that Český Telecom provides for me and found that it had sent me an email with the user name and password. Right, you have to know these in order to find out what they are. That’s really brilliant. No wonder Český Telecom lost market share to cell phone companies. At this point I have too much of a headache to deal with the multiple emails I have received from my advisor in the past three hours, each suggesting a small change to the final Chester Dale proposal. It will have to happen in the morning, when I had hoped to make an early start at the archive for once. And, of course, one of my transcripts still hasn't shown up two days before it is due. Well, yes, I should have ordered it over the summer, but when one has seven schools to deal with, one or two always get forgotten.

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