Thursday, December 08, 2005

Prague on Blogsearch

To continue (briefly) on the theme of how to find other blogs that discuss Prague, you can also go to the Blogsearch function and see what has come up most recently on the topic. While I like to think that my own blog is one of the better-informed and more interesting of the lot, there are plenty of insights and gorgeous photos to be found on other blogs too. It also occurs to me that my own blog probably doesn't come up constantly when a person searches on "Prague," as generally I don't obsessively refer to my location.
To get a view beyond Prague, Jesse has just posted some links to blogs about Brno (and, for that matter, laundry).
On the laundry topic, I've concluded that I can no longer hang the clothes outside, as they just freeze. The indoor lines over the tub are usable, but not very easy to deal with since when lowered they are well above my head and I have to hang onto the string with one hand while throwing the clothes into the air with my left. Sandra or her predecessor in this flat must have been quite tall, as there are lots of things that are just not designed for short people. I would have to be close to 6' tall to see out of the security peephole in my front door, for instance.

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