Saturday, September 02, 2006

23rd Street

I spend a certain amount of my time walking up and down a very short section of San Francisco's 23rd Street, namely that between Mission and South Van Ness. While it is not the most exciting place in town, it does have plenty to look at. For example, this mural, which comes into view pretty much right after one turns off Mission.

And then there's this one of various twentieth-century heroes. I am quite fond of it, although I have never really stopped to examine it closely.

Standing at the corner of South Van Ness, one gazes upon the Casa Maria grocery store and the signage in the apartment windows above. Should one cross the street, Casa Maria's own mural becomes visible on the 23rd Street side.

Of course, one's destination may well be the Little Spot, across the street from Casa Maria. I find that this is a convenient place to meet up with John, although I am the only one likely to get anything done on my dissertation there. Perhaps this is because I am used to getting something done on the behemoth even if I only have ten minutes.

But on the other hand, once he extracts me from the Little Spot, John is good at getting corkscrews out of corks while he prepares spaghetti. And there is always something interesting to listen to, whether it is Bolivian folk music or Dread Zeppelin. (We are always entertained by the fact that the lead singer of the latter group sounds strangely like Elvis Presley.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I’m into urban landscapes, particularly San Francisco.

September 02, 2006 8:29 PM  

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