Sunday, November 05, 2006

Odds and Ends

In glancing over my Sitemeter stats this morning, I noticed that the other day someone from (or at least with an ISP in) Kviteseid, Norway visited the blog. There are not many Norwegian communities that I know by name, but a person from Kviteseid has a good chance of being a distant relative of mine. Life is full of oddities.

On the Archelaus Cards front, I have been informed that within a day and a half of their placement at the Pulp stores in Washington, DC, cards were already selling well. Quite a few more have sold since then. Of course, those not in the Washington area can order via the website.

Minnesota voters are using the internet and Delicious tags to share information about the 2006 elections. The idea is for real people to pass on information, not just candidates and parties. Check it out!

Well, it's rainy out and I can't say I feel much like applying myself to finishing off the last grant application of the fall semester (due the 15th). I'm much more tempted to do non-dissertation-related things. And in fact I suspect that at the moment I feel much like the typical PhD student feels, balking at the need to do something on the dissertation. This isn't a sensation I often have, and actually, I don't feel any particular reluctance to do other dissertation-related tasks, it's just the one with a deadline that I don't feel like dealing with. I dislike deadlines.


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