Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Little Tedium and Swelling

Work at the library continues, but I spent the morning at the doctor's (walk-in, after all) to get a routine blood test and, more pressing, inquire why my joints have been puffy and weird for most of the past week. After all, puffy hands and feet on a long plane ride are nothing new, but I expect that sort of thing to subside, not get worse, after a couple of days.
The doctor confessed herself baffled by my description, said my hands were icy, and added on a few blood tests to the list although she thought it was probably some random virus that would go away on its own.
It subsequently occurred to me that I should have reexamined Kristen's blog before going in, since she had something similar recently. I went back and read up on human parvovirus, and if that's what I've got, it's annoying and lasts awhile but (as I'm not pregnant) should be nothing to worry about. Better that than rheumatoid arthritis, anyhow.



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