Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Wild Coast of Bohemia

We've just recently had a nearly simultaneous discovery, where design blog Wild Coast of Bohemia came over here and I went over there. I suppose it's one of those matters of timing.
Anyhow, Prague fanciers and others who can't resist a visual feast ought to head over there. Just now there are some gorgeous photo essays of Prague doors and such at Doors of Prague, Doors of Prague Part 2, Art Nouveau Doorfest, Doors of the Day, a door in Český Krumlov, The Big Baroque Birds, an old door, Door Handles of Prague Today, and Doors of Prague from Inside. If that sounds like a lot of doors, well, yes it is, and they're all magnificent! These are the kind of photo essays I never quite got around to doing, partly, no doubt, because I knew other people would do them and do them better than I would. So here you go! And besides photos of beautiful doors, you can find neat tarot cards and other items.

Meanwhile, alert shoppers might like to check out some of the latest Archelaus cards, like the new Condolence card (shown here in an unnaturally blown-up manner since I couldn't get the table to code properly):

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