Friday, July 06, 2007

Ms. Spots Gets Chewy

Over the weekend, the rabbits decided it was time to test my patience by attempting to stay in the back yard after dark (when raccoons and other predators could well come over the fence and attack). Orion had to be carried in the first night and Ms. Spots took considerable persuasion both nights.
On Monday, however, both rabbits seemed to feel that it was unnecessary to persist in this behavior, and came in early, as they did on Tuesday as well. Ms. Spots did get a little irritable during the day on Tuesday when, having to go to the doctor's first thing in the morning, I did not let them out for a morning adventure. And when Ms. Spots gets irritable, she requires paper to tear up.
When we lived in Pittsburgh, Ms. Spots had free rein of all the junk mail and several outdated phone books, which she attacked on an almost daily basis. After all, she was young and energetic, her mate couldn't run around and play with her, and there was no yard to explore (well, not a practicable one; all it was good for was composting the litter).
In California, Ms. Spots does not seem to get very chewy, but my parents have allotted her the bottom shelf on one of the bookcases, where they put magazines that they would sort of like to keep but will not be upset if get destroyed. Prevention and Newsweek seem to be the main items in this category.
Not being let out on Tuesday morning caused a small amount of chewing, but my disappearance for 26 hours on the holiday prompted a considerable amount of chewing and strewing. Ms. Spots is still a little huffy about my leaving her and Orion alone for that long without treats or excursions and with only the radio for company. She is, however, as pettable as usual.

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