Monday, September 08, 2008

6th Anniversary

No, Ms. Spots and Orion have not been an item for six years yet, but today it is six years since Her Spottedness was adopted from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. At that time she was a half-grown little critter, but her charms were already manifestly evident. She was friendly, lively, and immediately fell in love with the unforgettable George, never mind that he was starting to have considerable trouble hopping around.
While Calypso Spots has always been a mischievous character, she no longer gets into much trouble and is best described as a Glutton for Petting. She brings those who know her much happiness, other than when stealing Orion's evening treat, and it is very much to be wished that she will be with us for at least another six delightful years. That is her Floppy-Earedness over to the left, reaching out to her besotted mate, Orion the English Spot.



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