Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Comment on Comments

I've noticed that the only people thus far who have left comments are those who also have blogs. While this might have led me to believe that only about three people have ever taken a look, emails from the rest of you tell me otherwise, and that some of you are baffled by the protocol for creating comments.
Naturally, it is up to you as to whether you wish to read blogs in anonymous silence, make your comments privately in email to me (assuming that you know me and have my email address, which will be most of you), or make public comments attached to the individual essays.
But, if you have been contemplating the Comment function and were not really sure how to go about it, this is how. First, click on the Comment icon at the bottom of the piece you were reading. (If there are already comments, you can read those and have the option to add your own. Otherwise, it is purely add-your-own.) Type in your message. You will then observe that you can be Blogger, Other, or Anonymous. For some reason Blogger assumes you have a blog and are thus a Blogger. However, most of you are not in that category, so simply choose Other or Anonymous. "Other" has a place for you to insert your name and (if you have one) URL. "Anonymous" assumes that you wish to be utterly anonymous, which seems silly (I think I can disable Anonymous if I choose), but you could always sign within the message. The next step is to type in the funny-looking letters shown further down the page. This rather annoying step is to prove you are human, or at least sentient and able to type, rather than some sort of spamming device. Finally, you tell it to publish. There, you have added your wisdom (or observations, or disagreement, or what-have-you).
In theory a blog is a collective activity, and I've actually read discussion of the copyright issues of such collaborative effort, but my small experience of blogs is that in most instances the collaborative aspect is a rather minuscule part of the whole. Being a writer by trade (when not in my grad student mode), I assert my own copyright to what I post here, but let's be realistic here, this blog is for our mutual entertainment, it's not some sort of corporate feedback structure where whatever you say can be held against you.
So, I welcome your remarks and encourage the non-bloggers to add some.
And, if any of you know how to get Eudora to send outgoing Compuserve email via Český Telecom's server, do let me know, because evidently it is more complex a setup than what I did to get it to send via Bohemia Bagel's server.
(And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...)



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