Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tracking the Site

Last week I took the bold step of installing a site tracker. I have mixed feelings about keeping tabs on who reads the blog, but rest assured that most of you are really quite anonymous. This is to say that I am sure, for example, that Kristen is my only reader in Moscow thus far. My reader(s) at University of Pittsburgh are not individually identifiable even though I suspect they are all in the History of Art and Architecture.
What I have learned in the several days the thing has been installed is that a surprising number of complete strangers do find their way to this blog. One of them, it is true, found the site by searching on the words “Calypso laundry machines.” I don’t suppose that reader found what s/he was looking for, but perhaps he or she obtained some enjoyment all the same. The reader who sought “film as meditation” is more likely to have found something of use, although you never know.
While a fair number of people have come to the blog from Kristen’s link and a few from Jesse’s (welcome and I hope you find it equally interesting), most of you are not shown as coming from a separate page, but rather have gone directly to my URL.
This is intriguing. Does this mean that random clicks on “next blog” show up the same as if you had bookmarked the site? Or does this mean that I have already built up a surprisingly international audience of what must be repeat visitors? (Readers have arrived from Australia, Canada, Denmark, and the Netherlands as well as the US and the Czech Republic.)
I really hadn’t imagined that very many unknown visitors would be finding their way here, but since you are apparently doing so, I am delighted and hope that you are enjoying my observations about Prague, surrealism, and other matters.
Finally, if you like this blog, I feel certain you will also enjoy those of Kristen, Jesse, Diane and Greg, and Geoff (see links at right). Their observations are also idiosyncratic, well written, and copiously illustrated.



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