Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Do Introduce Yourself

In the near future I do plan to post a gorgeously illustrated account of the Brno folk ball, using everyone else's photos, but in the meantime it has occurred to me that it might be fun to ask my readers to introduce themselves.
I realize that for the most part you are a reticent group, at least online, and that some of you have not really figured out how to make the comment function work. But let loose for a moment (you don't have to identify yourselves fully, after all).
For those who haven't written blog comments before, note the small print at the bottom of the post that says "0 comments" or "5 comments" or whatever it might be at the moment. Click on this. You can now read other people's comments and add your own. To save yours, you do NOT need to join Blogger; choose Other.


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