Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"You Milk Snob!"

I've just returned from five extremely full days in Moravia. Here's something to hold all of you until I can write something about our adventures...

A recent look at Julia's blog led me to another interesting Prague blog, My Czech Republic Blog, written by Dana and Jeff Shanberg, who also run the Local Lingo site--a resource for those learning Czech. From Dana's Milk Snob post, I have learned to beware of saying I wanted any food item "normální." While I knew that instant coffee is usual fare for those who don't make their coffee what we might call "cowboy style" (grounds in the pot or cup), it hadn't actually occurred to me that requesting my coffee "normální" meant I would get instant rather than what an American might consider normal.
Dana offers several other disturbing uses of the word "normální" as well.

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