Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ask Yourself If...

A few things to ask yourself if you are considering getting a rabbit...

Do you prefer to sleep alone or with a friend? Or just be awakened by one first thing in the morning?

How do you feel about someone who thinks that leaping onto the table (even though via a chair) is quite the achievement and ought to be celebrated by nibbling the floral centerpiece, the candles, the tax forms, and/or the library book?

How are you at spoon-feeding mixtures of Critical Care for Small Herbivores, yogurt, and baby food to someone who takes all summer to recover from his bladder infection because he's lost his normally voracious appetite?

Do you believe in love at first sight, and if so, that it can (over time) heal grief? (Note smug look on the Spotted Character's face; not only did she get to leave the shelter for an interesting new life, but she got to enchant George out of mourning for Penelope.)

Your answers to these and similar questions should tell you whether it's a good idea for you to live with a rabbit. But no matter what, don't buy one this Easter. Instead, if you want to make a commitment to a life of lapine adventure and affection, adopt from your local shelter or House Rabbit Society chapter. (This public service announcement was brought to you by George and Calypso Spots, both of whom are currently enjoying an extended vacation in California.)

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