Friday, April 07, 2006

Lagomorph Photos

George and Ms. Spots. George and Ms. Spots. Who do I miss every day in Prague? His Majesty and the Spotted Wonder! And since my parents don't have a digital camera, they are not forwarding a constant supply of rabbit photos.
Fortunately, now and then I run across other people's rabbits on the Web. David Ruppert of the Upstate New York House Rabbit Society chapter has quite a set of them at Lagomorph Photos. He even has a great series of two young foster rabbits ecstatically nursing. I've seen baby rabbits nurse before (when I was about eleven, before the days of routinely spaying and neutering rabbits), but not like this! The way this pair sprawls and rolls around suggests that they will grow up to be rather like Ms. Spots, who has been flinging herself around ecstatically for naps and petting from the day she came home from the Humane Society. I hear that these days she spends a lot of time around the loveseat. It's probably because she likes the name.

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