Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ferret (and Cast of Thousands) Dead in Kutná Hora

It often happens that Jesse and I put our friends into a trance by getting into an overly long discussion of the blogosphere, its function, its technology, and our place therein. On the other hand, this unintended form of hypnotic suggestion appears to be having results: not only has Megan started and then revived her blog, but she has added Sitemeter to it. This means she can see how many visitors she has had. (Including you?)
More interestingly, she reports, with astonishing succinctness, the death of the Gymnázium Jiřího Ortena ferret (age 7), which apparently was a great loss judging by the school website. I am not much of a ferret fancier, but the animal's photo (from life) is rather endearing.
For more Kutná Hora dead, see Megan's reports Dem Bones I and Dem Bones II (mislabeled as also I). Or I guess you could always visit the ossuary there.

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