Friday, March 31, 2006

Water and Tourists on the Rise

For those of you who aren't content with my coverage of the water level of the Vltava, Susan's blog has what you're looking for... nice clear photos of a high river. And had I known that the passageway just south of the Charles Bridge was suddenly empty of those tedious vendors, I would have walked through it on my way to the tram this afternoon. I think they were still there yesterday.
High water has not discouraged the spring tourists. We are inundated with more swarms of Italian teenagers than water, leading me to wonder whether they were the first in a series of pseudo-biblical plagues. Fortunately, at this stage there are only scattered gangs of the dreaded British stag partyers (Italian teenagers are innocuous and sweet in comparison with these, as every Prague resident knows). Young Americans, however, are on the rise. Megan and I were going to eat at Velryba but found it full, so I suggested the nearby Tulip; however, while the restaurant itself was fine, it rapidly filled with American females between the ages of 20-25, causing us to feel very much in the wrong place despite the fact that Megan technically fits this demographic. Even the predictably tourist-ridden Bohemia Bagel gets more Czechs and others than that. I guess Tulip's English-only web site is a warning, but when I was last there two years ago it seemed to draw a more mixed crowd.
Oh well... water and tourists. A city needs to have enough of these commodities to survive, but they can really get irritating when you have a lot of either one rushing down the streets hollering that it's in town.

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