Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Bookshelves

In honor of books that are about to be taken back to the US, I offer up Jesse's Brno bookcase. Since music books don't usually take up as much space as art books, these shelves aren't quite as packed as they might otherwise be... there are a lot of pamphlet-thick items here. And, of course, some novels may have been loaned out at the time the photo was taken. I'm afraid I failed to immortalize the shelves of CDs and DVDs.

And then there's my own bookcase, which even after the removal of some of the heavier books seems a little saggy to me (the photo is pre-packing). This set of shelves doesn't even have that many art books because 1) most art books are bigger and 2) I took as many home over the summer as I could manage. As can be seen below, there are still enough big heavy ones to cart back for the holidays.

And, of course, if there weren't that TV sitting there taking up space, I'm sure a lot of useful things could be put there... I did plan to use the TV to improve my Czech, but between the fact that I've barely watched any TV of my own volition since high school (I do sometimes encounter it when visiting) and the seeming impossibility of figuring out the remote controls on the TV here (there are two, neither marked as to which is for the TV and which for the VCR, causing me to press buttons randomly until something appears on the screen, which can take a long time), this seems to be a lost cause. When I don't feel like there is enough time for things I actually want to do, figuring out how to turn on the TV in order to watch what I'm told is low-quality programming is just not high on my list, no matter how educational.
Although... just think of all the Karel Gott specials I'm missing! Well, if I ever get that yearning to watch the Czech Elvis (Shawn does not permit him Elvis-hood but places him with Wayne Newton), I can go to YouTube. There were 32 Karel Gott videos there last I checked!


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