Friday, February 23, 2007

Complaints Choirs of the World

Not so long ago, Dirk sent me a link to a video of the Helsinki Complaints Choir. It was pretty funny (for those of us who don't know Finnish, there were subtitles).
The concept of the Complaints Choir is apparently taking off worldwide and now the various choirs have their own website, where you can see videos of their performances. I gather that the performers come up with a long list of things that annoy them (some very local, as in the case of the Hamburgers) and then these are put to music.
As I know that members of my department have many complaints about dissertations, their mates, their lack of mates, the price of coffee, students who don't come to class until the test, the number of books allowed on library carrels, and the cleanliness of the TA office refrigerators, they will be heartened to know that a Complaints Choir has formed in Pittsburgh which is looking for additional members!



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