Friday, March 02, 2007

The Hazards of iPod Shuffle

As I sit testing out the iPod's Shuffle function, I can only conclude that it is designed for those who have music collections of a rather limited sort. For those of us with curiously varied tastes, putting the iPod on Shuffle brings up something like the following:

a Pretenders song from the 1980s
Herman's Hermits doing "Henery the Eighth I am"
a section of an Arvo Part mass
Mary Hopkin singing something by Donovan
a Czech Christmas carol
astrologist Rob Brezsny and his band noting the evils of television
a Renaissance lute song
a vigorous Cajun tune
a Czech Communist song about samovars
an operatic selection by Martinů
Pink Floyd doing "Money"
male Moravian folk singers belting out a traditional tune
an early blues singer commenting on the need to replace her unsatisfactory man
some Hungarian jew's harp
Joan Baez revealing that Daddy has been on her mind
a hectic Glenn Miller dance number
a Scottish lament about what happened to Geordie when he stole the king's deer
the Cars letting me know that I'm just what they needed
more Hungarian folk music, this time by Marta Sebestyen

I wouldn't say that all of these things really form an artistic unity except in a dadaist sort of way. Although I grant that getting the Doors and Marianne Faithfull performing Brecht-Weill songs in succession was rather fortuitous.

In an unrelated postscript, let it be noted that those with an interest in domestic fowl will want to take a look at this BibliOdyssey post.

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