Monday, April 30, 2007

Butterflies at the Botanical Gardens

On Sunday I took my parents up to the city botanical gardens in the mistaken notion that going to see the exotic butterfly exhibition could hardly be very tiring.
I didn't realize that there was a significant walk uphill from the bus stop to the ticket kiosk and then another significant hike to the greenhouse where the butterflies were. My parents have always liked to walk, but it seems that recently my father has gotten an arthritic hip that requires a very slow pace and, from time to time, stops to sit down. This was not noticeable at Christmas.
Fortunately, the weather was splendid and everything along the way was either bright green or blossoming. We went slowly and enjoyed the view.
The exotic butterflies, which are bought from a breeder in Stratford on Avon (not just the birthplace of Shakespeare, but exotic butterflies?!), gradually hatch out and fly around the greenhouse eating fruit and sitting on various plants. As it was a Sunday and the last day, the place was absolutely packed, but everyone was clearly having a wonderful time locating the various butterflies and photographing them.
While perhaps my parents wouldn't have had to come to Prague to see something like this, they did enjoy it and also got to see lots of different scenery between my apartment in the south and the botanical gardens in the northwest.

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