Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Cemetery in Merklín

On our trip to Merklín, site of my family's first encounter with the Czech lands (1945), we took our usual trip to the cemetery, which is a short walk out of town. Last time I was there, an astounding windstorm blew up just as we arrived, so we've wondered forever after whether the spirits were offended. Why they might be offended is beyond our comprehension, however. Our old friends buried there aren't the type of people to be upset that we don't bring flowers.
This time there was no sign of spirit or weather unrest, but there were so many flowers on most of the graves that I wondered whether there was a spring grave-visiting holiday that I haven't learned about. I know everyone goes to the cemetery at the beginning of November with flowers and candles, but in May? Perhaps it was because there are so many Czech holidays at the beginning of May that everyone had time to go to the cemetery...
There were somewhat fewer flowers on our friends' tomb since no one in the family lives in Merklín anymore. We heard later on that the tomb is scheduled for repair in July, but we didn't notice anything wrong with it in the course of the visit. It looks in pretty good repair to me, but apparently some part of it is falling apart. I'm glad to know that the family intends to take care of whatever it is before it looks like some tombs I've seen (even in the same cemetery) that look like something out of a horror movie.
It's a very nice little cemetery overall.



Blogger Kristen said...

Wow--that is quite a display! I love the carpet of pink flowers on the right.

May 15, 2007 10:12 PM  

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