Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Rabbit in the Moon

My parents tell me that when they finally reached home, considerably later than anticipated, they discovered that Orion had gotten sick while boarding at the House Rabbit Society and had had to be rushed to the vet (he was fine the morning of April 27, but listless and unresponsive by afternoon). He was given fluids and medication, and while the exact problem is unclear, he responded to treatment and was taken off the medication a couple of days ago. He appears fine now, though he has to go in for a re-check in a week, and both rabbits are glad to be home.
We are vastly relieved that he pulled through and hope he won't have any more problems, especially once I take the rabbits back to Pittsburgh, where there is less rabbit expertise (although my vet there is quite fond of the rabbits I've brought him and will be sorry to hear of George's death). Many thanks to the HRS staff and volunteers for their prompt action in getting Orion to the vet!
Now up on Japonisme is a gorgeous collection of Japanese rabbit images, plus the legend of the Rabbit in the Moon.

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