Thursday, September 06, 2007

Adventures in Misreading

As a break from all that tedious and horrifying (carpet beetle-related) news about moving, we have Something Completely Different.
I have always been entertained by the various peculiar things I manage to misread from signs and so forth, but it is rare that I actually remember what they were. In the space of mere days, however, I have come up with a couple of fine examples:
"Certified Pre-Owned Wolves" (this was actually "Certified Pre-Owned Volvos")
"Suicides in Short Fiction" (the original mundane title: "Studies in Short Fiction")
I didn't see anything all that odd about the idea of a book on suicides in short fiction, as there must be quite a few examples of stories about suicide and I might not have caught on to the real title had I not stood in line in front of the book for quite some time, but the notion of certified pre-owned wolves really forced me to take an immediate second look.



Blogger Kristen said...

Certified Pre-Owned Wolves is certainly much more interesting than Volvos!

September 07, 2007 5:22 AM  
Anonymous Dirk said...

I love things like that. Being mildly dyslexic, like many writers, I get quite a few. They are peeks into alternate universes.

September 08, 2007 3:10 AM  

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