Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Milt Wolff Memorial

As promised, some photos from Milt's memorial. Actually, most of them are from the graveside from Saturday morning rather than from the public memorial that afternoon. The Berkeley Hills seemed more conducive to photography, although I will say the ILWU hall looked handsome and there were several hundred people in attendance.
Above, Milt's daughter Susan and VALB historian Peter Carroll watch as Susan's husband Guy lays a spadeful over the ashes.

Richard Bermack and David Laub.

David Laub and Sylvia Drake. Below, more of us and a view of the Bay from where we were gathered.

And a photo from the shindig at the ILWU. Conrad Montell, who was a member of the Thursday's Child writing group with Milt and me back in the 1980s, gave my favorite recollection of Milt. After all, everyone in the room knew that Milt had fought in Spain, that the Abraham Lincoln Brigade was originally the Lincoln Battalion and the Washington Battalion, and that Milt and the VALB went to lots of peace rallies and raised impressive amounts of money for humanitarian causes. Not everyone knew that Milt loved Dostoevesky and Thomas Mann, was a painter, and liked to ponder the nature of the universe. Conrad knew that side of Milt intimately. (I'm afraid that while I've read a lot of Mann, The Magic Mountain always stopped me dead after a few chapters, so I could never really discuss it with Milt.)
I was delighted to see our old friend Lili Artel, who assures me that she is still writing and making art and getting ready to celebrate her 90th birthday.

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Got your email, sent the answer. Thanks for the comments and we'll have to see about that idea.

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