Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lapines Complain Bitterly

Ms. Spots and Orion would like to make it known that their human spends far too much time "working" when she should be attending to their petting and other needs. They are not altogether sure what this "working" stuff is all about other than that it involves going to places called "school" and "the cafe" and spending way too much time on that stupid laptop, but they state categorically that they are utterly opposed to this misuse of their human's valuable time.
The Spotted Pair admits that the negligent human did finally buy them fresh hay, pellets, and litter the other day, and came up with a passable selection of greens (collard, dandelion, and parsley) recently. The human has been very recalcitrant about confessing where the cookies were hidden, however, and seems to be hiding a bar of chocolate in one of the backpacks.
The Spotted Pair supposes that maybe there will be a letup sometime soon, but figures it's best not to lay bets on that. They are tired of hearing "I'll see you rabbits later."



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