Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fun with Statistics

Now that the statistical part of the blog has been functioning for an entire week, I thought I would compile some counts.
Thirty-three visits were made by people who apparently already had the URL bookmarked and went straight there. (Wow! But that does include visits by Kristen, Jesse, and my brother, all of whom I can identify individually as regular visitors.)
Twenty-two visits were by people coming directly from the Moskovskie Melochi blog.
Five visits occurred as a result of search engines.
Three came from people looking at my Blogspot profile, and three from people on random blogs that have no link here (that is, presumably the person clicked on Next Blog).
Two visits came via the Nuda v Brně blog (when I look at Jesse’s stats I see that there is more motion in the other direction, with five of you having gone there from here since Monday).
One came from an email that was read on the Web (no, I can’t read your mail, I just know that’s what it was)
Most of you look at the main page rather than at archived pages.
There continues to be international interest: two visitors today are situated in England.
Some things remain a mystery, however. For example, I know that my parents read this blog, but they certainly don’t seem to be showing up on the statistics. Perhaps their laptop is inadvertently set to indicate that they are in Atlanta, Georgia, as there seems to be a lot of interest in this blog there. Most of the people I expected to be reading the blog live in California, but only two cities in California have shown up: Palo Alto and Hayward. Well, I guess maybe my friends in California are keeping in touch psychically rather than by reading what I am writing for them. The vast majority of locations shown are east of the Mississippi (even if only so far east as St. Paul and Peoria).
I know it's possible to lie with statistics, but as I am a moron about statistics, I doubt I know how to do that.



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