Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Random (or not so random) News

John tells me that he photocopied several hundred pages of archival material on his recent trip to Seattle, and that he’s very glad he went to the American Musicological Society meeting, where he heard some interesting talks and met quite a few people. He will not make it to Prague for Christmas, though.
My friend Milt Wolff recently celebrated his ninetieth birthday and then (as far as I know) went off to revisit Spain, which he does every so often. His autobiographical novel Another Hill, which I edited, is still available from University of Illinois Press.
Diane and Greg have reinstated comments on their blog now that it’s possible to avoid comment spam, so if you read something interesting there you can actually respond. Diane covers a wide variety of intriguing music (see link to right).
Phoenix the rabbit, victim of a brutal attack by an obviously seriously disturbed teenager in Northern California, has had a gruesome but not surprising new health complication but is otherwise recovering with astounding speed at the San Francisco/Marin County House Rabbit Society. To read more about him, and/or donate toward his and other rescued rabbits’ care, please visit the SF/Marin HRS web site at The case will be heard in the Solano County Juvenile Court, with the Deputy District Attorney seeking felony charges of animal abuse and torture. Phoenix will not, for obvious reasons, be available for adoption for some time, but many other Bay Area rabbits are in desperate need of homes due to animal shelter overcrowding, so if you can adopt or foster a rabbit there, contact His majesty king George was adopted from the House Rabbit Society quite a few years ago (Ms. Spots came to us via the Humane Society in Pittsburgh).

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