Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Character Studies?

I see that a lot of the recent traffic to this blog has not been to the main page. Usually I think that's a good thing (after all, I don't think most of the posts are especially time-sensitive)--but it does in part explain the slow response to my last, experimental, post.
Well, before too much time passes, I will post a few photos that struck me as informative, characteristic, or in some other way notable.

Alex does not usually look like this, but all the same time it seems highly characteristic of her.

Nathan looking adult and not making a snow angel.

While I don't often see Megan with a camera, photography prompts her concentration. I am not sure how the picture she was taking of me (on the Fulbright bus) came out. Those of us in the back of the bus got a little hyperactive at times. In fact, on the way to the conference, Megan had cause to question the wisdom of sitting between me and Jesse and informed us that we are exactly alike. "You just don't stop, do you?!" she exclaimed, clearly worn out by our insane inventions. Actually, we were just a little (as my mother would say) too wound up that day. It must have been all that Moravian wine the night before at the folk ball. Or something.

I discovered this (from December) on the Fulbright web site. While Hubert, Jesse, and I don't look anything like this on a daily basis, I think it captures something characteristic about each of us. But if you got a picture of me looking similar to either of them, that would also be characteristic of me. Whether either of them typically smirks is less likely.


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