Friday, March 10, 2006

Gone Skiing

There will probably be a short period of inactivity on this blog, as Jesse and I are going to make another attempt to go skiing. We hope this one will involve actually putting on skis (well, I am more anxious about this since he did get to ski while his family was visiting). As the weather, even in Prague, has been pleasantly snowy of late, I am optimistic about this.
This trip was originally intended to combine the long-awaited ski trip with a syllabus-planning retreat suggested by Dawn. As the three of us have related academic interests, she had the brilliant thought that together we could come up with a syllabus for a humanities class that each of us could employ later on with minimal changes. Unfortunately, Dawn hasn’t been feeling well and her doctor prescribed bed rest (along with antibiotics), so the syllabus retreat will have to wait.
Other than the fact that Jesse and I will be out enjoying the snow while Dawn is stuck at home, perhaps postponing the syllabus retreat is for the best. Nathan could contribute history ideas but can’t go this weekend either.

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