Thursday, April 27, 2006

Concerts and My Keys

The Värttinä concert was excellent and high-energy. I had only been to Palác Akropolis once before, a visit notable mainly for the American who complimented me on my command of the English language when I assured his group that they were indeed standing in front of the Akropolis. (I’m always glad to know I haven’t entirely forgotten my native tongue…) When we arrived in the late morning to buy the concert tickets, I realized that the Akropolis is in fact just around the corner from the building where Toyen lived during World War II. Consequently, we had to pay a visit and spend awhile gazing up at it.
Apart from the excitement of the concert itself, which was certainly sufficient to suit us, there was the additional adventure of my keys. I was wearing a jacket with shallow pockets, and rejected the opportunity to leave it at the šatna, but then took it off because the auditorium was hot. I had the feeling that I really ought to put my keys somewhere safer than the jacket pocket, but ignored it despite having told Jesse earlier in the day that one should always follow one’s gut feeling about things. (So I don’t always follow my own advice. I suppose this is nothing new.) The feeling continued to nag me periodically throughout the concert. Finally, toward the end of the evening, I decided to check the pockets. No keys! No keys anywhere near where we were standing! Strangely, however, I didn’t feel particularly worried. While the Akropolis is large, we had not gone very many places within it and I did not think anyone was too likely to have stolen unmarked house keys. True, I knew it would be the least of our inconveniences if we had to spend the night with Alex or Hubert. Jesse was more concerned that the keys might have gotten kicked into a hole in the floor or something. Fortunately, inquiries produced the keys with startling speed. I had the feeling that it was all just a little reminder to trust one’s intuition. After all, I usually do, but when I don’t, the consequences are usually more troublesome.

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