Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Sartorialist

I don't often look at Blogger's "Blogs of Note," but recently I happened to and wandered onto The Sartorialist, a delightful look at how people in New York City dress. The author, who works or worked in the fashion industry, photographs people he (I assume he) encounters who strike him as appealingly attired. People of both sexes and a wide variety of ages are featured, and while the photographer has a particular love for classic men's suits, one of the most charming things about the blog is the openness to and enjoyment of many kinds of style.
While no one could ever call me fashion-obsessed, I do love beautiful fabrics and the textile arts, and I quite share the photographer's pleasure in encountering people who look good (whether unobtrusively or surprisingly) in their clothes.
Since I am not good at approaching strangers, however, I suppose this blog will not become a showplace for the well-dressed of Prague. In your mind, imagine older men in berets (not necessarily black, and not quite the same kind as one imagines in France--think of the beret on the neighbor in the film Musime si pomahat/Divided We Fall). Or older women in interestingly knitted berets or tams, or in colorful felt berets. Or women of all ages draped in patterned pashmina-style scarves.
The Sartorialist has lots of remarkable and sometimes humorous photos from the Easter parade. This photographer definitely has a nice rapport with people encountered randomly on the street.
Meanwhile, the weather here has become relatively balmy, causing me to realize that two short-sleeved shirts are not really enough, and that my pants and skirts are very wintry. I did get another couple of T-shirts, but might have to give in and get something additional for spring. This is an unpleasant thought. If only I could magically transport some of what I have in storage to my wardrobe here!

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