Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spring in Prague

It has become quite the rainy spring here, and in fact yesterday I noticed that the river was getting a bit high again, covering the floor of at least one outdoor cafe.
On a not quite so rainy weekend a month or so ago, I went for a walk with Megan and Kelly and took these pictures.

The Vltava, looking away from the National Theater.

Some fine spring leaves.

The Savoy, where Megan and Kelly had managed to order brunch before my arrival. It looked delectable but the waiter was not at his best that day, so I only got coffee and some scraps.

We went up to Strahov, where we took a look at the miniatures museum and the Strahov library. Both pleased us in their own strange ways. Then we headed down into Malá Strana and I enjoyed getting photos of the hillside.


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