Monday, May 22, 2006

ABC Prague

Do you want to know what's happening in Prague and the Czech Republic from a broader perspective than I'm normally in the mood to provide? Well, yes, you could take to reading the Prague Post and going to Český Rozhlas, and those are both useful options.
Another excellent choice is ABC Prague. This English-language news blog provides short write-ups and handy links (some even to my photos!), alerting the reader to a wide variety of events and occurrences here. Mirek, who compiles the blog, covers Culture, Economics, Entertainment, Photos of Prague, Politics, Sport, Travel, and more. The latest entry alerts us to this week's Roma music festival, "Khamoro 2006"--I hope I can get to some of the performances, which go until Saturday. I was also much amused by an account of recent political fisticuffs.
Take a look!

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