Monday, September 11, 2006

Not Dead Yet

No, I have not dropped dead, it has merely been impractical to blog when traveling as my laptop has been unable to go online. (Tried wireless: it claimed to be connected but couldn't connect to anything out there. Tried dial-up: everything hung during the post-connect phase.) Checking my email from other computers takes long enough without attempting to blog as well.
But rest assured, I have some photos to post when I get back to Prague. (Presumably the laptop will not object to my DSL line there!)
Meanwhile, the weather in Pittsburgh and DC has not been nearly as hot as anticipated, while the airconditioning has been as fierce as ever. Fortunately, my sibling is not a believer in refrigerating his domicile.
My plane leaves late this afternoon. I had imagined that this left me time for an early lunch with my former professors at American University, but what with new air travel recommendations, it will have to be something more like coffee and a snack in mid- to late-morning. I can only hope that they get to campus in time for such a thing.
And now off to run various tedious errands that I sincerely hope will not go awry.


Blogger Julia said...

Have a safe flight and hope to see you soon!

September 12, 2006 7:10 AM  

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