Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Launch of Blog on Teaching Art History!

Since I expect to teach after finishing the PhD, my thoughts occasionally turn to how I can best prepare for this. I've taught some classes already, as is typical for PhD students, and I'm used to giving lectures, but I'm well aware that there's much I could learn about how to teach, and many new strategies for doing it.
I also occasionally take a look at sites like The Student Tablet PC, which have interesting suggestions on using technology in the academic setting. One morning when I was perusing Student Tablet PC, it occurred to me that it would be nice to see something specifically directed toward art historians and their classroom and/or research needs.
I promptly did a Google search. While loads of sites came up, a quick look didn't show me anything that was quite what I had in mind.
Following a bit of discussion with my colleagues (well, they tell me they discussed it and thought it sounded like a good idea), we've begun a team blog called (I couldn't think of anything brilliant on the spur of the moment) Art Historians at Work. It will deal with a wide variety of topics relating to teaching art history, including links to online exhibitions and art databases, tips on lecturing and getting discussion going, information on digitization, software that could be useful for our students (study aids, bibliographic), and so forth.
It's in its infancy, but with luck it will grow into a tool that will be useful for many people, and not just those of us who teach art history.



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