Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Gamelan, More Rabbits

For those who just can't get enough Pittsburgh gamelan photos, Ben Pachter has posted three good sets. First, the rehearsal photos; second, the concert preparations (some pictures are similar to mine but not all); and actual concert photos taken by one of Ben's friends. Alert viewers will be able to find me in a fair number of these. Well--viewers who already know what I look like.
This morning most of us got together to devour Indonesian food and watch the video of Friday night's concert. It was pretty good as such videos go, considering that it was a one-camera video and the operator wasn't there the whole time checking to see whether to zoom in. After helping Jesse document various Moravian cimbalom bands, I appreciate the care that goes into setting up a concert video shoot.
My other weekend entertainment involved going over to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, where I adopted Ms. Spots back in 2002 and where the Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club held an education session and a bunny romp. It was the first Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club meeting I had gone to, and I got some useful tips on how to entertain Orion so that he doesn't chew everything he meets. The speaker emphasized that as rabbits quickly get used to specific toys, it's usually best to rotate them to keep the toys new and interesting. I also hadn't really thought in terms of playing with the toys myself, but this is a good idea if the toy is something like a Slinky, or if there's a wicker ball that you can roll to the rabbit. I especially liked the idea of anchoring strips of cardboard under chair legs because that does give resistance when the rabbit pulls on the strip, and rabbits like toys that resist (Ms. Spots always likes to stand on whatever she's shredding).
Much to my delight, the shelter rabbit who starred in the demonstrations proved to be Bingo, the young male I met a few weeks ago when I dropped in at the shelter near home to pet some lonely rabbits. Bingo was chosen for this special role because on the one hand he's very friendly and loves to be petted, but he gets bored easily and needs a lot of stimulation when not being petted. Bingo thought it was just great being up there on the table having toy after toy presented to him. Wicker toys, shredded paper, sticks, pieces of flannel, cardboard tubes, he thought this was a splendid way to spend an afternoon.
If I hadn't already had two rabbits at home, I would probably have adopted Bingo when we first met, but Pittsburgh shelters do have a wide assortment of other charming characters available. Back when I got Ms. Spots, the Humane Society had only four rabbits, but I'd guess it now has about 15 on-site. A white lop named Oscar was adopted during the meeting, so we all cheered, but there are many other gorgeous and interesting rabbits looking for good homes. Pittsburgh has three shelters, all with too many rabbits, so I hate to think what will happen when people really begin to tire of thoughtlessly acquired Easter bunnies who want lots of attention and haven't been spayed or neutered.
I guess now it's time to return to my taxes...

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Blogger Kristen said...

Thanks for the link to the photos. How convenient that you have a distinctive hair color that makes you easy to spot. ;)

April 14, 2008 3:46 AM  
Blogger Karla said...

Actually I thought the current haircut was more spottable than the color, but only for people who have seen it, ie the Pittsburgh lot and a small smattering of Bay Area denizens.

April 14, 2008 3:52 AM  

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