Saturday, May 24, 2008

Biking to the Animal Shelter

Via Kristen, who gives me all my blog ideas these days, I point my readers in the direction of Claudia's bike challenge. The idea is to bike somewhere at least once a week that one would normally drive, although it looks like most of the readers are already avid bikers or don't even own cars in the first place.
It has been so rainy that I doubt many people in Pittsburgh have taken up this challenge with success, but now that we've gotten a little sunshine, I'm on the bike. I don't think my three jaunts to and from school count since I normally take the bus, but today I biked over to the Animal Rescue League and on the way back I bought groceries, so that certainly counts.
While I was at the shelter, I had time to let Bingo and Basil out for exercise (I would have let out another rabbit or two, but it was hard to persuade Bingo and Basil that it was time to go in). Bingo, as usual, was a whirlwind of activity. His hormones haven't had much time to subside, so he promptly sprayed me (Ms. Spots was intrigued to find his scent on my pants when I got home). Basil is quiet only in comparison to Bingo; they both ran around tirelessly, but Bingo is more frenetic. The three does in the bottom cages got all upset when Bingo was out, but Jubilee and Harley were nicer about Basil and mostly didn't try to bite him when he came by. I think they rather like him. Bonnie, aka Babs, hates any rabbit who ventures near her cage, so she tried to bite both of them.
Sophia is in an upper-level cage, so she mostly ignored the excitement below. She remains tentative about me; so long as the cage door is closed, she's interested, but if I open the door, she hides in the corner. She did let me pet her for a few minutes, though, and clearly needs and wants more attention.
Two new rabbits have arrived, and both seem very nice. One is a white rex who was just neutered, and the other is a brown lionhead. Both were very grateful for the petting.

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Blogger Kristen said...

You go, girl! I do hope you are wearing a helmet while navigating Pittsburgh traffic. I think your trips to campus count. I thought about taking a bike trip today... {sigh}

May 25, 2008 7:52 AM  
Blogger Karla said...

Have the helmet, but I don't see how the trips to campus count (except as personal exercise), since they don't take the place of my driving, but instead drop the count of people taking public transit.

But we know that once the weather gets cold (well, REALLY cold, not like now) I'll be back on the bus.

May 28, 2008 12:58 PM  

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