Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kotěra and Tram Design

After a long day of mostly working on presentations relating to a course in American Art that I expect to teach before long, I think a little more Jan Kotěra design is called for. Not only did Kotěra make his name as a pioneering modernist architect, but he designed a number of rail and tram cars. Those that follow were all designed for the Prague Transit Company.

Luxury four-axle car no. 200, 1899

Two-axle car from 1904-5

Two-axle car no. 193, from 1906

I might note that Kristen tells me that not only are there people who would like to reinstate tram service (streetcars) in Pittsburgh, but that generally speaking, the old rails are still in place and just covered with asphalt. I'm all in favor of bringing back America's streetcars, and I say the sooner the better. And of course putting in more subways.

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