Sunday, September 30, 2007

Movie of Life Quiz

The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick

You do things your own way - and it's made for colorful times.
Your life hasn't turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness!

Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite

While I haven't seen or even heard of any of the films mentioned (I am very much behind on my movies), I'd say this quiz got it right.
Not that my life has been nearly as colorful as I might have liked... but most people seem to think it's been full of unexpected and interesting twists.
I was thinking about this recently since one of the lucky people writing me a letter of recommendation (who hasn't had to do one for me before and probably won't have to in the future) is someone I've known for a startlingly long time now, although we were out of touch for quite a few years (something that can be said of several people whom I'm now, somewhat accidentally, back in touch with).
It struck me that it must be a rather strange exercise, though I hope an enjoyable one, to review my career and formulate an academic letter of recommendation. Of course, when I have to prevail upon people from out of my past for this sort of thing, I only ask people who would be able to say something worthwhile and interesting about me. But it must be quite a different project for them than for the members of my dissertation committee, who know all sorts of things about my dissertation and other recent projects, and not necessarily all that much else beyond what my c.v. reveals to them. I gather that they examine my c.v. and begin to romanticize about what my life must have been like before graduate school (it was, I am afraid, all too often not that exciting and involved much more time standing over a photocopier than I like to think). Whereas people who have known me since I was 18 or 20 (three of whom have written letters for me in the past ten years or so) get to think about what sort of person I was then and how I was occupying myself and why this left them with a fairly positive impression of me, and then ponder what on earth I've done since then and what has possessed me to go into art history.
It must indeed be strange.
I hope it will be fun to write letters of recommendations for my future students. I also hope that I'll only be asked by people for whom I can write something impressive. It would not be fun to tell someone that all I could say was that they showed up to class regularly, now then would it?

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Blogger Kristen said...

Clerks I only watched half of before giving up. I thought it was idiotic, so apparently I'm not cool. Garden State was enjoyable, but not earth shattering. I've not seen Napoleon Dynamite, but people who know me say I'd enjoy it. So, I guess I've heard of you, but only know you a little bit. ;)

October 02, 2007 9:18 PM  
Blogger Karla said...

Well, there you go... I'm idiotic, and enjoyable but not earth shattering.

October 03, 2007 3:05 AM  

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