Monday, July 24, 2006

Calypso and Cami

After two largely successful visits with Gumbo, I nonetheless had some doubts. It was clear that Calypso Spots liked him, but I wasn't so sure that he was as keen on her. He wasn't really afraid of her, but he kept being rather wary, and on Saturday's visit there was some tension between the two, in part because she wasn't really out of nap mode and got very irritable when he would come look at her when she had had enough interaction and just wanted to lie down by herself. Her irritability wasn't serious, but made him very dubious about her. He doesn't have much experience being with other rabbits, after all. I also thought that as he is a shyer rabbit, he wasn't crazy about having anyone just plop herself down next to him and announce her friendship.
So, today we thought we would bring out Cami again before having another session with Gumbo.
Well, Cami and Ms. Spots are close in age and not as disparate in size, and both are used to being around other rabbits. They immediately approached each other in a mutually friendly manner. We kept the two of them together for nearly an hour because they were getting along so well. Things were not utterly untroubled, because Cami felt that it was her duty to mount Ms. Spots and after awhile Ms. Spots concluded that she was tired of that. Her efforts to get the "don't mount me" message across grew more emphatic, especially as it became clear that yet again she was not really done with her nap, but we were heartened to see that there was no actual biting (until close to the end) and that Cami was unfazed. The two could have a little spat and then settle right back down and cuddle. While I am not anxious to have rabbits bickering, this was get-acquainted and lay-down-the-rules behavior, not real hostility. It was clear that the two liked one another.
I had meant to bring the camera to all of these visits, but only remembered today, and then only remembered to take pictures right at the end, when it was time to take Ms. Spots home before any more tiffs erupted. While prior to this they were looking even cozier together, they got into this pose all on their own and sat contentedly that way for quite some time.

In other news, after only a few days of normal weather, we too were hit with global warming and have been suffering through 80-90 degree heat, just like in Prague. And, just like in Prague, no one has air conditioning because normally it's only needed for a day or two every couple of years.
In hopes that it might cool us off, or at least entertain us, my friend Cesar suggested we go meet up with Joe, another National Writers Union activist, for an evening at the Savannah Jazz Club. Joe is a jazz afficionado and spends many evenings there, it turned out. John came along as well, and the four of us had a pleasant if rather sweaty time. Joe says the place serves great Senegalese food, so the rest of us thought we might go back sometime when we were hungry.


Blogger P'tit-Loup said...

That looks like a great match! The Jazz club sounds great. That whole part of town has so manny interesting clubs and restaurants.

July 24, 2006 8:07 AM  

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