Saturday, July 08, 2006

Domestic and Funerary Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora is particularly renowned for its ossuary, located between the town itself and its main train station in the village (more like suburb) of Sedlec. Since Megan had seen the ossuary and the silver mines more than once, she let Jesse and me visit these on our own.
I had seen the ossuary before, back when there weren't any tourists to speak of. My recollection is that in those days it was a lot darker and spookier. Somehow I also thought it was bigger. This time I only took two pictures, although you can also take a look at one that Jesse took.

During our weekend in Kutná Hora, we spent a lot of time exploring different parts of town and going on woodland hikes where we encountered some of Megan's students in potentially compromising positions. (Well, not in our view, but they appeared somewhat embarrassed to see her.)
In part, however, we hung out at Megan's, where we picnicked in the back yard and I taught Megan the basics of knitting. After awhile, we all caught the train to Prague and met up with Hubert and other friends to attend an excellent concert. I can now state that I have heard Pierrot Lunaire performed live, although not in costume.
Megan has since left Kutná Hora and is exploring Croatia with her mother prior to returning to the US.


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