Monday, November 20, 2006

Adventures in the Audio-Visual Realm

The weekend involved a trip to Zlín so that more filming of folk concerts and such could occur. I'd say that at this rate Jesse will have a lot of material for his dissertation by the time he goes back to Michigan. I managed to acquire a CD and a book of folk songs.
On Friday night we all watched the film version of Nezval's Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, which (along with other things) induced a somewhat bemused stupor. One of these days I'll have to finish reading the book. I had forgotten it was so heavy on vampires.
On Saturday night after the concert, Jesse and I somehow managed to find the energy to watch Alex's copy of Daisies, which amused us greatly. I'm not sure how we combined all this folk music with surrealist-New Wave film.
This morning, however, I was back in Prague giving a talk on the Feminist Art Movement to another of Štěpanka's graduate seminars. I had never used the new laptop for a presentation before, and was aggravated to find that it didn't want to work properly with the projector (we used the school laptop instead). When I got home, I investigated on the internet, without much success. It appears that every university on the planet has a guide to how to hook up laptops to projectors (this shows that it is not so intuitive a process as ought to be the case), but none of the guides I examined made any mention of how to troubleshoot getting the laptop's desktop wallpaper and nothing else out of the projector. Mind you, this is not the first time I have had this problem, merely the first time with this particular laptop. This is my fourth laptop and every one of them has at least occasionally refused to work with projectors. Sometimes one gets no image, other times one gets the wallpaper and nothing else, and then again sometimes everything works just beautifully. Each of the guides I examined went into great detail about how the projector must be turned on first and how the cable between the two machines has to be connected before the laptop is turned on. There was a lot of obsessing about not bending the pins, which is not something I have ever had much cause to worry about. Long discourses on adjusting the screen resolution, which again is not something that has ever seemed to be a problem. No mention at all of the wallpaper-sans-presentation issue.
I guess we will use the school laptop for tomorrow's lecture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have a "mirror image" option somewhere? I had the wallpaper thing happen to me once and then I learned that I have to make sure "mirror image" is on. Then again, I have a Mac. I thought I'd try anyway.

November 20, 2006 11:43 PM  
Blogger Karla said...

I didn't notice a mirror image option, but then I wasn't looking.

November 21, 2006 12:10 AM  

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