Saturday, April 14, 2007

Indoor and Out

To get the last bit of Britain in, anyone going to London ought to take in the British Museum's "A New World" show, which shows a great many pages of ethnographic and zoological illustration by the Elizabethan artist John White. White was one of the earlier British visitors to North America and his drawings of Native Americans were some of the first images I ever saw of them apart from cartoons on TV. (I was about five. Needless to say, I was surprised.)
I tried to find some full examples of White's work on the British Museum website, but it seems they are being coy, although most of the planet can't get to London.
In other news, the weather has suddenly gotten very springlike in Prague (as opposed to being spring without being especially appealing about it), so this morning I put on the rollerblades and went down the trail to Modřany and back. I'm not sure how many miles total that is, but I should think at least six. We will hope that my having spent most of the winter sitting down will not result in too much of an adjustment period.



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