Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Blogs and Why They're Good

All the blogs I link to are, of course, worth checking out. Here's why.

Diverse cultural stuff:
Moskovskie Melochie and Procrastinating in Pittsburgh: written by my colleague Kristen, the first chronicles her stay in Moscow (and inspired this blog with its colorful and entertaining coverage of life there) and the second is the Pittsburgh follow-up, which is a more general personal blog covering all sorts of stuff.
Literature and Society: my old friend Geoff looks at literature and politics, often with a Hispanic focus. The main page to his website is here.
Brian Goes to Syracuse: Brian muses about his readings in philosophy and education, discusses music, and includes cat photos.
Mas o Menos: P'tit Loup chronicles life in the field of social work, interesting music heard, and various experiences and encounters.
Rabbit Reads and Rabbit Girl's Blog: Life as a librarian, rabbit rescuer, and generally interesting person.
Take a Swig of Alf: Political commentary and lots and lots of YouTube films on all sorts of things.
De Libertas Quirkas: French-language blog about a wide variety of cultural things (books, customs, photos, Europe). Hard to categorize but worthwhile.
Swobodin v Brně: Multilingual (mostly English and French) blog from Brno, by photography enthusiast and computer expert from Tunisia. Diverse cultural and political topics.
Princess Haiku: "a literary collage of poetry, prose, photography, classical music, dance and book reviews, written in the tradition of a poetic memoir." Some gorgeous flower photography here, I might add.

Specific Topics
Alexvision: Alex presents very cool photographs, often from Zlín, where she studies puppet animation.
FM: Diane and Greg, also old friends, discuss a wide variety of music and (briefly) post downloadable MP3s so you can hear what the music is really like.
ABC Prague: Your guide to what's happening in Prague. Great for anyone planning to visit the city.
The Sartorialist: This blogger, who has a knack for finding and photographing interesting street fashion, seems to be traveling the world's fashion capitals these days.
Apophenia: Berkeley grad student Danah Boyd works on internet social networking among youth. I don't know what half the stuff she studies is all about (a sign of my advancing age), but it's interesting.
Ephemera: Exploring the World of Old Paper: This very appealing blog deals with collecting ephemera (not solely, but mostly, old paper items) and features lots of interviews with collectors of specific types of ephemera. Anyone interested in American history and visual culture should take a look.
Giornale Nuovo: A fascinating exploration of early printed art (and maybe non-printed, but lots of prints). My only reason for not putting this on my Thinking Blogger list was that I haven't spent enough time with it yet.
Filboid Studge: Great visuals from old magazines, named after one of my favorite Saki stories.

Make Me Laugh
Threadbared: No one will be nominating this for a Thinking Blogger Award, but it would certainly get a Laughing Blogger Award (does one exist?). Bizarre tales about old fashion imagery, especially patterns. Oh, and the perverse tale of Barbie's crocheted world!
Rate Your Students: Wicked reaction to the Rate My Professor site. It's not entirely one-side, but it does focus on the more regrettable (though often hilarious) aspects of academic life. You have to be in the right mood for it, but at those times it's quite amusing.



Blogger Rabbit Girl said...

Thanks very much! I don't know the last time someone called me interesting. I like it!

May 21, 2007 3:35 AM  
Blogger Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for the tag! I am looking forward to visiting the other sites that you mentioned. I am happy that you like my flower photos.

May 21, 2007 6:04 AM  
Anonymous Swobodin said...

Great, I'm listed!
Thanks, I owe you a Budweiser and I promise not to think about kitchen each time I see your rabbits.

May 21, 2007 10:54 PM  
Blogger Karla said...

The Brno visit is coming up, so prepare the beer (but I thought Brno had its own local brews whose names I have forgotten). Meanwhile, just keep in mind that Calypso Spots may look like she spends all her time lounging voluptuously on the floor showing off her ears, but she puts up with no kitchen talk unless it refers to treats for her and her beau!

May 21, 2007 11:53 PM  

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