Friday, October 26, 2007

More Romanian Film

I'm pleased to say that I liked the latest offering in the Romanian film series, The Paper Will Be Blue. Just as minimalist as Stuff and Dough, this film deals with the experiences of a squad of militia men on one night during the 1989 revolution. Everything is confused, no one knows quite which side to take or what to do. It's a poignant little slice of life with a sad outcome.
I'm less pleased about the implementation of Blogger's new email notification feature. I was horrified to find my email address showing on the comment page this morning, seemingly inviting the entire world to email me personally with its comments on the blog. It took some hunting around before I discovered that that's not what's going on at all. It's actually a tool for people commenting on blogs to keep track of responses to their comments, and each person only sees his or her own email address. In other words, I can choose to see responses to my comments on Kristen's blog, or keep track of how many people have posted congratulations on the new BibliOdyssey book. Or if you want to receive emails with comments subsequent to your own on this blog. So... the idea is fine, but the implementation is less than ideal. I'll bet a lot of bloggers were unhappy to see their email address showing up on the comment page this morning and made the same assumption I did. (And if my readers express a deep longing for a means of emailing me directly, I'll consider getting an account strictly for this kind of thing, OK?)

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