Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pittsburgh Dangdut Concert Videos

A little searching around on Youtube reveals that videos from our gamelan/dangdut concert have hit the Web. Thus, you too can experience the Dangdut Cowboys almost as if in Bellefield Hall.

This first video emphasizes the dance group in front of the stage (sorry, the videographer was stage left and I was stage right). It doesn't get the entire song, but some of the saxophone does get highlighted. For the rest of the song (sung by our fearless leader), proceed to the second video:

The third video is from further back and center, and is more memorable for the music (guest artists Ening Rumbini and Rita Tila on vocals) than the visuals unless you really want to watch carefully for occasional glimpses of me dancing off to the left. And I really mean only occasional and identifiable to the initiated, because everyone is very small in this video.

But... it turns out there's a higher quality version of Video #3 for true fans or those absolutely determined to see me dancing off to the left. I think you have to go to Youtube itself to watch that, but underneath the video window you can click on "watch in high quality." The visuals were significantly sharper and if you have good speakers I suppose the sound is as well. On the other hand, the high-quality version was a little too much for my high-speed bandwidth and kept stopping and starting. I'm not sure how high a speed is required to watch it uninterrupted.
There do exist a couple of full-length videos of the concerts, but I don't think they'll be showing up on YouTube.

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