Monday, June 02, 2008

Now What?

The number of rabbits at Animal Rescue League was dropping in a most satisfactory way. Not only was Basil adopted, but apparently so was the little lionhead rabbit (who was another of those exceptionally nice beings), and perhaps one or two others. And when I stopped by on Sunday afternoon, I discovered that Guapo, the white rex, who wants nothing else in life but to be petted by a nice human, seems to have found his human. One of the other Pittsburgh House Rabbit members, who was grieving her lost rabbit, had come to see Guapo and the two of them fell in love. I'm not sure how Guapo will be able to stand the wait until the adoption can be taken care of, because he likes this human even more than he likes me.
Sophia was in one of her shy moods, but Bingo was greatly excited to see me, so I decided I might as well settle down with him. He was so thrilled to be petted that he didn't even try to get out of the cage, and we had a very long session, after which I thought I should pet a few other rabbits, like the charming young spotted pair known as Hansel and Gretel. (They look somewhat like Orion did in his youth, long and slim, so let's hope they stay that way rather than turning into poster bunnies for Lapine Obesity Prevention.)
But Bingo kept asking me to come back, so we had some more petting and then he persuaded me to let him out. The chart in the rabbit room indicated he had already been out (as had all the rabbits), but Bingo can doubtless use all the exercise time he's given.
Whether it was that he had already been out, or that there were two humans sitting on the floor, for once Bingo was equally interested in running around and in coming over to greet us. Once or twice he even climbed into my lap, which is more than the pair at home are willing to do. (They'll put their paws on my leg and look like they're considering the idea, but they wouldn't dream of actually hopping into my lap.)
I can see why Bingo wouldn't appeal to everyone--he's a whirlwind of activity--but he's very intelligent and goodnatured. I wish I could take him home. But of course Ms. Spots and Orion would have an opinion on that, and I think Ms. Spots would have the deciding vote, as Senior Rabbit. She does find Bingo's scent of great interest, whereas Orion is much more interested in my bedding than in any possible trace of Bingo on my clothes.
There are rumors abroad that Bingo and Honey have taken an interest in one another. It's true Honey doesn't mind Bingo romping in front of her cage, but for that matter Jubilee seems to have decided he might be ok too. (There is no hope that Babs will take to him. She even growls at Guapo. She likes to be petted, though.) Honey looks like a very fine rabbit, but I confess I have more of an interest in Sophia, who needs enough petting to bring out her true personality. Sophia strikes me as a rabbit who could end up as confident and friendly as Ms. Spots, given the right home.
In the meantime, however, it appears the shelter has had a population explosion. There were about 10 rabbits there when we left Sunday afternoon, but this evening no less than 6 spotted rabbits have joined the list. They must have been dropped off sometime today.
These new rabbits are described as English Spot, but I think they are simply spotted rabbits. Judging by the photos, they're a very attractive group. But why six at once?
Every time there's a little progress on the adoption front, more animals arrive.
Two words: SPAY and NEUTER.
And don't get animals you can't keep.

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Blogger Kristen said...

I know it is hard. You know I'd rescue all the cats myself if I could. I'm sure Bingo will find his "forever home" as they call it at ARL. Meanwhile, keep visiting him and reminding him that most people are good.

June 04, 2008 6:31 AM  

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