Thursday, June 05, 2008

Going, Going... Bingo!

When I stopped by the Animal Rescue League late yesterday afternoon, all the rabbits were surprisingly sleepy--except, of course, Bingo, who wanted my attention right away. Bingo wanted to be petted for a long, long time, and then he wanted to go out and take a tour of the floor.
In the meantime I noticed a note on the board announcing that Bingo was "pending adoption." Not knowing when the adoption might be final, I thought I had better spend some good time with my pal.
And this afternoon I saw that he had been taken off the adoptable list, so I assume he has gone to his new home.
I hope, of course, that his new home satisfies all his dreams. But I feel ambivalent, since I'll probably never see him again.
I'm fond of all the rabbits there, but it's only natural that some interest me more than others. I try to spend time with Sophia because she's a shy rabbit who needs a friend. I try to persuade Charlie not to head for the back of his cage whenever I open the door (Charlie is determined not to be petted, it seems). I'm making an effort to pet Babs more because even though she hates other rabbits, she likes to be petted. Basil was just one of those beings that anyone in their right mind would take to. There have certainly been several rabbits who made me want to take them home.
At the same time, a person just forms a special connection with specific individuals, whether other humans or members of another species. Calypso Spots and I have that connection, and Orion has it with Calypso Spots. Bingo is quite a different rabbit from Ms. Spots (the Princess of Pittsburgh or Spotted Odalisque), but we were developing that connection. It's too bad I haven't felt that my circumstances allowed me to get another rabbit. I'll always remember Bingo, just as I'll always remember a rabbit named Bombay who I could have adopted but thought would be bullied by my doe Penelope.
I hope Bingo's new human doesn't mind that he still sprays, that he likes to chew and shred things, and that his new human enjoys the way he races around. I hope his new human thinks he's the finest rabbit in history and gives him lots of petting, and finds him a good doe for company (he and Honey did flirt quite a bit). Bingo's a highly intelligent creature and will be glad to live with the right human.

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Blogger Kristen said...

Yay! Bingo has a home!

June 06, 2008 5:43 AM  

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