Friday, October 31, 2008

Orion Revisits the Vet

Orion, accompanied by Ms. Spots, visited the vet a couple of weeks ago after a brief and uncharacteristic lack of desire for breakfast. Since his appetite had returned by the time we went, both rabbits mainly had their toenails trimmed and their ears cleaned.
Unfortunately, this week Orion has come down with a new indisposition: a runny nose that causes sniffling and sneezing. His behavior has been pretty normal, so I hoped it would pass in a couple of days, but it wasn't going away and he was beginning to want unusual amounts of petting, so today he went back to the vet.
We came away with a big bottle of medicine, which he will be taking twice a day for the next two weeks. I was hoping that I could just mix the stuff with baby food and expect him to lap it up the way George used to, and for that matter the way Ms. Spots usually does, but he sniffed it suspiciously and decided it was not at all his kind of treat. I then had to try syringe feeding him. While I was able to catch him (a sign in itself that he is not feeling so great), he wanted no part of having things stuck in his mouth, and really I have no skill at syringe-feeding rabbits single-handed anyway. Most of whatever got into his mouth probably got there because it dripped onto his paws and he licked his paws after the ordeal.
I sniffed the mixture and had to admit that even to the poor-quality human nose, it smelled medicinal. Ms. Spots thinks the stuff smells interesting, but she has a more adventurous palate than Orion.
At most I was able to get half the evening's dose into the protesting patient. He is now reclining under a wicker chair with his paramour, who licked his face to express her support. She doesn't lick him all that much as a rule, but she is doing pretty well at being Dr. Spots today.
I'm not sure how we'll get through twice-a-day dosing of the patient considering that he now regards me with considerable suspicion and I've only really successfully syringe-fed rabbits with the help of a second person.



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